CV Lengkap Maya Miranda Ambarsari





Name:                                      Maya Miranda Ambarsari, SH., MIB

Postal Address:                       Jl. Niaga Hijau Raya No.67, Pondok Indah, Jakarta  


Phone:                              (021) 2920 3465

Date of Birth:                   09/ 07/1973




Current Business Activities:        


·         Owner and President Director PT. BATAMEC Shipyard


·         Owner and President Director PT. Tawu Inti Bati (Oil Refinery)


·         Owner JD.ID – E Commerce for Shopping Online


·         Co-Founder and Shareholder PT. Merdeka Copper and Gold Tbk (Gold Mining company - IPO)


·         Owner Elliottii Residence (Exclusive Guest Houses),


·         Owner of Gorjes Hair Salon & Lounge (Wolter Mongonsidi)


·         Founder of  Yayasan Rumah Belajar Miranda – RBM






Current Activities:


·         As  a Speaker or Motivator

·         As a Brand Ambassador RS. Premiere Jatinegara

·         As a Brand Ambassador for Lekat (Indonesian Fashion design)

·         As a Brand Ambassador for deLacour (International Brand Watch)

·         Social Activities

·         Work activities




Educational Qualifications:



1997 - 1998:                Master of International Business, Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne – Australia


1991 – 1995:               Bachelor of Law, University of Pancasila - Jakarta



















Past Activities and Experiences:


2019:                           Brand Musee “DeLaCour” exclusive watch


2019:                           Brand Ambassador “Premiere Hospital” Jatinegara


2019:                           Brand Musee “Lekat” Fashion Design


2016-2018:                  Secretary General PPLIPI (Perhimpunan Perempuan

                                Lintas Profesi Indonesia)


2002-2009:              Independent Contributor for Indonesian magazines


2002- 2007:                 Chairwoman of Srikandi (mixed marriages organization)


1999-2001:                  Founder and Director of International Relation, Lembaga Demokrasi Indonesia Baru (LDIB) - NGO, Jakarta


2000:                           Head Committee for some conferences in relation to Politic and Democracy Education, Lembaga Demokrasi Indonesia Baru (LDIB) - NGO, Jakarta


1997 – 1999:               Master of Ceremony (MC) for formal and informal events at Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia (KJRI) in Melbourne.


1998:                           Active as Senior Student Committee in “International Student Welcome and Orientation Program”, Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne.


1991 – 1997:               Cat Walk Model, Choreographer and Jury for some modeling events, Jakarta


1991 – 1995:               Master of Ceremony (MC) for formal and informal events at faculty of law, Pancasila University, Jakarta.





2019:                           “Top Eksekutif Muslimah 2019” – Organisasi IPEMI (Ikatan Pengusaha Muslim Indonesia)


2019:                           “Perempuan Inspiratif Indonesia 2019”  selaku

Pengusaha dan Penggerak Sosial – Bank Indonesia


2019:                           “Best Achiever in Women Entrepreneurs” – Obsession Media Group for Women’s Obsessions


2019:                           “The Best Indonesian Philanthropy in Education and

Social Care” – Business Review


2018:                           Lifestyle Award 2018  “Inspired the World and Viewers as

A Woman with Social Activities Remarkable Achievement” – MNC Group


2018:                           Lifetime Achievement Award “Leadership Excellent in the Society through High Achievement and Success” - World Women Leading Change (WLIN)


2018:                           “The Best Global Leader in Asia Turkey 2018” – Indonesia

Turkey Summit (Women’s Economy Review and DEIK Turkey)


2018:                           “Inspired Multi Businesses Founder” – Perhimpunan Perempuan Lintas  Profesi Indonesia (PPLIPI)


2018:                           “The Best Achievers in Women Entrepreneurs” – Women’s Obsessions


2017:                           “72 Indonesian Inspiring Women 2017” – Women’s Obsession

2017:                           “11 Perempuan Terbaik Indonesia 2017 – Wirausaha Sosial” – Woman  Review


2017:                           “Top Eksekutif Muslimah Bidang Bisnis 2017” – Ikatan Pengusaha Muslimah Indonesia


2017:                           “Prestigious Property Achievement for Elliottii  Residence – Pondok Indah” Indonesia Growing Business Award 2017


2017:                           “Srikandi of the Year 2017” – Nation’s Brightest Award


2017:                           “The Best CEO 2017 ” – Minister of Industry and Trade, Minister of Tourism and Economy Creative, 7Media


2017:                           “Best Women Entrepreneur 2017 Award” -  Obsession Media Group


2016:                           “An Inspired Property Business and Sociopreneur” – Property & Bank Magazine 


2016:                           “Anugerah Wirausaha Indonesia” –


2016:                           “11 Perempuan Hebat Indonesia” -  Puan Pertiwi



2016:                           “The Most Favourite Guest House in Jakarta” Elliottii Residence - My Home Magazine


2016:                           “71 Indonesian Inspiring women 2016” – Women’s



2016:                           “Wanita-Wanita Inspiratif” _ Kebaya Magazine


2016:                           “Tokoh Srikandi Pendidikan” – Women’s Obsession


2016:                           “Kartini Masa Kini” – MNC Life style


2011:                           “Potensi Anak Bangsa” – Yayasan Pendukung Karier &



2011:                           “The Best CEO on Innovation Management” ASEAN

Professional Award


2011:                           “The Best Gold Mining of the Year” – ASEAN Business



2011:                           “Tokoh Berkepribadian Pembangunan 2011” -  Menteri

Negara Koperasi dan Usaha Kecil dan Menengah RI,

Bapak Syarief Hasan


2010:                           “The Best Entrepreneur of the Year” – International

Professional Award


2010:                           “Tokoh Peduli Anak Bangsa” – Yayasan Restu Bunda


2010:                           “Super 50 Tokoh Indonesia, Menggali Potensi

Membangun Negeri”– Pusat Profil dan Biografi Indonesia


2010:                           “Bangkitlah Indonesiaku, Tokoh-Tokoh Berprestasi

Indonesia” -  Pusat Aktualisasi Indonesia


2010:                           “Top Wanita Indonesia” – Profil Wanita Indonesia


2009:                           10 Wanita Inspiratif - Tabloid Wanita Indonesia


1999:                           One of the first six of fifty students who finished the

International Business Project, MIB – Swiburne,





1997:                          Finalist “The 1997 Asia Model Search” Melbourne


1991:                           The highest placed member of “Pedoman Penghayatan dan Pengamalan Pancasila (P4), University of Pancasila, Jakarta


1991:                           Finalist of French Poets Competition for Senior High

School for Jabotabek, - IKIP, Jakarta




Past Working Experiences:



2006-2015:                  President Director Indo Multi Niaga (Mining)


2005-2006:              President Director of PT. 247 (Advertising)


2004 – 2006:           General Manager of PT. Tiara Lilin Indonesia (PT.TLI)


(Telecommunication Contractor)


1999- 2001:

·         Senior Associate Lawyer at Dimhart & Associate Law Firm, Jakarta Indonesia

·         Director of International Relation, Lembaga Demokrasi Indonesia Baru (LDIB) - NGO, Jakarta


1998 –1999:                Part time job at Consulate General of Republic of Indonesia, Melbourne


1995 –1996:                Associate Lawyer at Dimhart & Associate Law Firm,

Jakarta, Indonesia







  • Cooking

  • Reading

  • Sports

  • Gardening

  • Interior design





Husband:    Ir. Andreas Reza, MH

Son:                 Muhammad Khalifah Nasif  (SMA Taruna Nusantara – Magelang)